Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia

The specialist sickle cell and thalassaemia service covers provision of care in the hospital and the community for people from birth and throughout adulthood. The team is made up of specialist nurses, doctors and psychologists based in the hospital and the Brent Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre.

Description of service

We provide the following services:

  • Antenatal screening
  • Neonatal screening and follow up
  • Genetic testing
  • Paediatric services
  • Adult services
  • Psychology services
  • Patient support group
  • The North West London Haemoglobinopathy Managed Clinical Network
  • Education
  • Publications
  • Library services

 Outpatient clinics

Outpatient clinics run once a week for children on a Tuesday and on a Wednesday for adults. Both clinics are run at Central Middlesex Hospital. To book, change or cancel a paediatric or adult clinic appointment, contact the haematology clinic clerk on 020 8453 2292.

Inpatients and day cases

The children's service is changing from 25 November 2011 with some of the service moving to Northwick Park Hospital.

Full details of the change to this service can be found in this leaflet.

During an acute, uncomplicated, sickle cell related illness, some adults may self-refer to the adult day care unit for medical and nursing care between 9am and 4pm. A sickle cell nurse specialist manages the patients on the day care unit. After 4pm their condition is reviewed and if they are not well enough to go home arrangements will be made to admit them to the general medical ward (Roundwood Suite).

Patients with thalassaemia also receive care on the unit, for example, blood transfusion and other therapies. When they are unwell they are admitted to the general medical ward.

Community Care

Some members of the specialist team are based at the Brent Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre. They provide services to the general public such as:

  • free blood tests to identify if someone has sickle cell, thalassaemia or G6PD 
  • counselling of pregnant women and their partners in order to identify a couple who are at risk of having a child with any of these genetic conditions and offering them an opportunity to make an informed choice about the pregnancy
  • visiting newly diagnosed new born babies to inform and educate their parents
  • counselling and support of patients and their families either at the Centre or when necessary by visiting patients at home
  • visiting patients when they are in hospital
  • offering advice in school, religious establishments etc.

Raising Public Awareness and Education

The largest part of the Community Centre's role is to raise public awareness through community publicity campaigns, education in schools, colleges and universities, educating students, qualified health and allied professionals in proper care and management of people with these conditions. The Centre produces a large and varied number of health promotion leaflets, books, tapes and other resources to help educate the general public as well as professionals.


Central Middlesex Hospital

Outpatient Clinics

Paediatric Clinic: Rainbow Children’s Centre - Ground floor main building at Central Middlesex Hospital.

Adult Clinic: Haematology Outpatient Centre - 2nd floor main building at Central Middlesex Hospital.

Inpatient wards

Paediatric ward for day care treatments: Rainbow Children’s Centre, ground floor main building Central Middlesex Hospital.

Paediatric ward: Rainbow Ward, ground floor main building Central Middlesex Hospital.

Adult day care unit: Haematology department, 2nd floor main building Central Middlesex Hospital.

Adult admission wards: Roundwood Suites 1 to 4, ground floor main building Central Middlesex Hospital.


  • Brent Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Centre
  • Psychosocial Research and Development

Central Middlesex Hospital

  • Outpatient clinic clerk (Haematology Department)
    020 8453 2292 9am - 5pm
  • Rainbow Children?s Centre
    020 8453 2039
  • Adult Day Care Unit
    020 8453 2562
  • Roundwood Suite 1
    020 8453 2004
  • Roundwood Suite 2
    020 8453 2002
  • Roundwood Suite 3
    020 8453 2505
  • Roundwood Suite 4
    020 8453 2034
  • Dr. Lola Oni
    020 8453 2050 9am - 5pm

Consultants and other key staff

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