Maternity Services

This page introduces the Northwick Park hospital maternity unit. Please also see our pages about:

You are highly advised to book your antenatal care before 10 weeks of pregnancy. You can refer yourself directly to a midwife by using our self-referral form.

Description of service

Meet the maternity team

Throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby there is a team of professionals based at the hospital and in the community to care for you and your baby. You may not meet all these people but below we explain who they are and what they do:

Our midwives: Our midwives work within the hospital and community. They are trained to give you the care and advice you need to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. They will also be with you during the delivery of your baby and care for you afterwards (postnatal care). We also have specialist midwives available to provide extra care and support should you need it.

All our midwives are supported by a supervisor of midwives. They are experienced midwives who have undertaken additional training to support and guide the midwives working in our maternity unit.

Our obstetricians: These are doctors who specialise in pregnancy and childbirth. Our obstetric team are experts at providing care and support to you if there are circumstances where extra care is needed, for example, if you have or develop a medical condition such as diabetes.

Working together

The midwifery and obstetric teams work closely together to provide a high standard of care that meets your changing needs throughout your pregnancy. The team also has close links with other specialists such as anaesthetists, our neonatal unit and social services.


We are an education centre for doctors and midwives so you may be asked if you would be willing to have a student or another doctor or midwife at your appointment or delivery of your baby. If you do not wish to take part, please let us know, we will understand.


Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals

The Northwick Park maternity unit is situated at the front of the hospital with a dedicated Maternity entrance.

Northwick Park Hospital provides a full range of maternity services including midwife and obstetric led care.

Central Middlesex Hospital

Central Middlesex Hospital provides antenatal care only in ACAD area 3.


Central Middlesex Hospital

  • Antenatal clinic
    020 8963 7174/7177 (9am - 5pm)

Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals

  • Antenatal clinic
    020 8869 2870 (9am - 5pm)
  • Delivery Suite
    020 8869 2890 24/7
  • Day Assessment Unit
    020 8869 5103 9-9
  • Edith Ward (antenatal)
    020 8869 2930 24/7
  • Florence Ward (postnatal)
    020 8869 2910 24/7
  • Birth Centre
    020 8869 5887 24/7
  • Maternity ultrasound
    020 8869 3885 9-5
  • Community midwives
    020 8869 2871 9-4
  • Neonatal Unit
    020 8869 2900 27/7
  • Booking appointments
    020 8869 5252 9am - 5pm
  • General enquires for antenatal care appointments
    020 8869 2868
  • Supervisor of midwives
    077 7067 8987

Consultants and other key staff

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