Gynaecology Cancer Services

Patients with suspected gynaecological cancer are referred either through our rapid access service for suspected cancer by direct referral from other specialties in the hospital either as inpatients or outpatients. Our rapid access service ensures a speedy pathway from initial consultation through to diagnosis and subsequent definitive management.  Investigations including imaging, operative diagnostic procedures and pathological/histological/cytological assessments are available such that all national target dates are met.

Description of service

The service runs:

  • Dedicated rapid access clinics for suspected gynaecological cancers, held twice weekly.
  • Dedicated ultrasound, CT Scanning and MRI scanning appointments.
  • Operative diagnostic procedures undertaken as inpatient day cases or in an outpatient setting as appropriate.
  • Weekly video conference multidisciplinary meetings with the Cancer Centre, Hammersmith Hospital.
  • Operative treatment of confirmed gynaecological cancer cases as appropriate following multi-disciplinary team discussions each week.
  • Dedicated gynaecology Macmillan nurse support.
  • Close liaison with the Cancer Centre with regard to adjunctive therapy.
  • Dedicated combined gynaecology cancer/oncology follow up clinics.


Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals

Gynaecology outpatients, on level 4 of the maternity unit.

Central Middlesex Hospital

ACAD Centre, Area 5.

Consultants and other key staff

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