The Audiology department provides a service for the diagnosis and management of patients with disorders of hearing and balance.  We cover both neuro-otology in adults and paediatric audiology.

The service is provided at both Central Middlesex Hospital and Northwick Park Hospital.

Description of service

We provide diagnosis and treatment for adults and children with hearing difficulties such as:

  • Sudden deafness
  • Asymmetrical hearing loss
  • Profound deafness
  • Conductive deafness

Adult hearing aid services

We provide a fully-modernised hearing aid service, including hearing assessments performed to national standards, hearing aid fittings and follow-up where required. We also have booked appointment repair clinics for those people whose hearing aids become faulty. We also fit behind the ear digital hearing aids.

Balance or Diagnostic Audiovestibular Service

We provide a service for patients with all types of balance disorders or dizziness. We also perform more complex tests such as speech testing.

You will normally be referred to us by an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor or your GP.

For patients with balance difficulties we will generally carry out a number of tests to help us identify the cause of your difficulties and then provide rehabilitation to help alleviate or lessen your symptoms wherever possible.

Hearing Therapy

The hearing therapist provides a comprehensive rehabilitation service for adults who have hearing difficulties and/or associated disorders. The therapist is able to support those who experience tinnitus, giving helpful advice and counselling concerning management strategies in dealing with tinnitus and reducing its intrusiveness. The Hearing Therapist is also able to advise on a variety of devices that help the hearing impaired person.

Paediatric Audiology Service

This is an integrated specialist service for the audiological assessment and management of babies and children with suspected and confirmed hearing difficulties. We liaise closely with other services such as the ENT department, specialist speech and language therapists and teachers of the deaf.

We are involved in the newborn hearing screening programme and further hearing assessments for those babies who may require it. We have facilities for testing the hearing of children of all ages.

Paediatric Hearing Aid Services

We provide a fully modernised paediatric hearing aid service. This includes hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting and regular follow-up and re-assessment.


Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals

The audiology department is based on level 5 of the outpatients area.

Central Middlesex Hospital

The audiology department is based in area six at Central Middlesex Hospital (ACAD centre).


Central Middlesex Hospital

  • Central Middlesex Audiology Reception
    020 8453 2431 9am-5pm

Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospitals

  • Northwick Park Audiology Reception
    020 8869 2030 9am-5pm
  • Northwick Park Audiology Department (fax)
    020 8869 2067
  • North West London Hospitals Trust Central Booking centre
    020 8235 4200 9am-5pm
  • Sue Russ
    020 8869 2034 8am-4pm mon-thur

Consultants and other key staff

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