A to Z of staff benefits


A scheme called Metropolitan Home Ownership provides financial assistance for NHS staff purchasing their first home. For more information about the scheme and qualifying criteria please see www.mho.co.uk

A range of subsided staff accommodation is available at the Northwick Park Hospital site. This is subject to availability and rooms are limited. For more information, please contact the facilities department on 020 8869 5175.

Adoption leave

Provisions are in place for staff to take adoption leave. Depending on length of service, staff are entitled to enhanced adoption pay, and up to 12 months' leave.


Supported supervision and appraisal processes are in place for all staff. These are designed to help staff develop a personal development plan, to encourage continuous professional development and to give feedback on individual performance.

Car parking facilities

There are staff car parking facilities at both our sites.  Please contact individual car parking office sites for further details.


The Trust employs a Childcare Coordinator to provide staff with childcare information and to meet the needs of those looking for childcare. Contact details for nurseries and childminders, holiday playschemes, and childcare vouchers are just a few of the things that the Childcare Coordinator can help you with. If you are looking for childcare information or you are interested in knowing more then please contact 020 8869 2198.

Confidential counselling services

A confidential counselling service is available from the occupational health department. it can provide confidential advice and counselling for staff. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 020 8869 2580.

E-Learning centre

The e-learning centre offers a range of courses in ‘bite-sized chunks’ on the computer, either online or using a CD-ROM, at times most convenient to you. The centre is based in the libraries at both Central Middlesex and Northwick Park Hospitals. See the Learning Education and Development site on the intranet for further information.

Eyesight tests

Up to £80.00 will be refunded to staff for glasses if they are needed only for work with computers. If this is the case, we can refund you the cost of the eye test. (See VDU eye testing procedure available on the intranet).

Fitness centre discounts

Several local fitness clubs offer reduced membership for Trust staff. Please review the ‘Bulletin Board’ on the intranet pages for the latest updates.

Flexible working

Work/life balance is integral to the Trust’s approach to improving the working lives of our staff. The Trust has developed a policy which includes a wide range of flexible working opportunities and provisions. To apply for one of the options please speak to your line manager in the first instance.

Flu vaccine

On an annual basis the occupational health service carries out a staff flu vaccination campaign. Watch out for the posters around October, when they begin to arrange appointments.

Health – See Occupational Health Service

Housing – See Accommodation

Induction programme

All new employees must attend the corporate induction programme and to have a local induction. The Trust two-day course aims to help staff settle into their new environment and understand the organisation, as well as to find out how they can make the most of opportunities available.  For more information, contact the Learning & Development team 020 8869 2183, or speak to your line manager.

Information technology and internet access

The Trust provides staff with up-to-date IT equipment and IT training, as well as internet access. Personal access to the intranet and internet is available to staff.

Learning, Education & Development opportunities

The Trust is committed to ensureing that all staff have the right skills at the right time both to deliver services to patients today and to develop them for the future.  All current courses being offered are listed on the Learning Education and Development site on the intranet.


All staff are entitled to annual and bank holiday leave. The amount is dependent on length of service in the NHS and hours worked.


There are library services on both sites at Central Middlesex Hospital (Sir Graham Morgan Library) and Northwick Park Hospital (John Squire Library) giving staff access to paper and electronic copies of publications, journals, databases and books. The library team can also provide hands-on training using online databases such as CINAHL and sites like NELH.

Life assurance cover

When you join the NHS pension scheme, it provides guaranteed life assurance cover of twice your annual pay. For more information, please contact the pensions officer on 020 8869 2197.

Long services gift

Staff with over 10 years' aggregated NHS service may be eligible for a gift of up to £100 when leaving the Trust.  For more information, please speak to your line manager or HR advisor. (Please refer to the retirement policy available on the intranet).

Maternity, paternity and adoption leave, and pay provisions

The Trust's maternity and adoption provisions entitles mothers-to-be and adopters with the appropriate length of service to take enhanced maternity pay, and up to 52 weeks' maternity leave. Paternity leave is also available to staff whose partner is expecting a child.

NHS Discounts

If you are employed by the NHS, you can register free with NHS Discounts.  The service can find a discount supplier for the product you require from a massive range of advertisers while you’re online. These include large chain stores, holiday centres, banks, clothing sites and also health centres. For more information on how to register for your discounts go to www.nhsdiscounts.com

National Vocational Qualifications – NVQs

NWLH offers funding support for a range of National Vocational Qualifications. NVQs are designed to be taken in the workplace but you will be expected to allocate approximately half a day per week to working on your portfolios, meeting with your assessor and attending study days. This study time should be considered as part of your working week. For more information, please see Learning Education and Development on the intranet.

Nursery (see also Childcare)

The Trust has a subsidised, registered nursery based at Northwick Park Hospital for children of Trust employees. Please contact the Childcare Coordinator on 020 8869 2198.

Occupational Health service

Staff from across NWLH can access the Occupational Health service based at Northwick Park Hospital. Please call 020 8869 2580 for more information.

Pension scheme

The NHS pension scheme is a fully index-linked contributory scheme, where members contribute 6% towards their pension, and the employer contributes 14%. This is available to all NHS employees between the ages of 16-70, and is subject to tax relief. Benefits of the scheme include: death-in- service benefits, a tax-free lump sum and monthly pension on retirement and ill health benefits. For further information icontact the Pensions Officer on 020 8869 2197.

Personal Development Plans (PDPs)

Appraisal is a means of identifying an individual’s development needs. It is the cornerstone of both lifelong learning and effectively managing staff. The effective appraisal and PDP process ensures that the training and development staff undertake is appropriate to both their continuing professional development needs and the priorities of the service. All staff undertake an annual PDP as a part of the appraisal system.

Retirement support

Courses are available to give additional support to those planning their retirement. Details are available from the Learning Education & Development department  on 020 8869 2183.

Season ticket loans

Staff can apply for an interest-free season ticket loan for travel. Details of the scheme and the policy are available on the intranet.

Sick pay

As an NHS Employee, your entitlement to Occupational Sick Pay (OSP) depends on the length of time that you have worked for the NHS, your grade, and your entitlement to Statutory Sick Pay. Broadly speaking, you may be entitled to up to six months at full pay and six months at half pay, depending on your length of service. Entitlements to Occupational Sick Pay are set out in section 14 of the Agenda for Change Handbook.

Social club

The Trust has a staff social club which regularly organises social evenings, such as karaoke, discos, quizzes plus an annual five-a-side football competition. Facilities are available in the club to play pool, snooker, table tennis and squash. For up and coming events, please check the ‘Social Club’ site on the intranet or visit www.nphsocialclub.co.uk

Staff room

Each of the Trust sites has designated staff rooms. Most of these have tea and coffee-making facilities, and some have an area for staff to relax during their breaks.

Staff Excellence Award scheme 

A personalised certificate and a £100 payment, awarded to individuals or teams who have been nominated for their special contributions to the Trust, and we elected for a staff excellence award.    Further details and nomination forms are available on the Human Resources site on the intranet.

Staff canteen

Both hospital sites have staff-discounted restaurants offering snacks, hot meals and light refreshments.

Study leave

Support for study leave is agreed between the individual and their line manager, to reflect development needs identified in their Personal Development Plan.

Vacancy bulletin

The recruitment team issues a weekly vacancy bulletin showing the current job vacancies across the Trust. Check either www.nwlh.nhs.uk or on the ‘Human Resources’ site on the intranet. Hard copies are available from the HR department on level 6BB, Northwick Park Hospital.

Work/life balance

We are committed to offering flexible, modern employment practices which recognise that all staff want to strike a sensible balance between home and work. Our Flexible Working Policy allows for flexible working practices, such as time off, which enable staff to balance work and home life. This policy applies to all staff regardless of contracted hours, grade or gender.


If you are unable to access the web links in this document, please call the relevant departments on the telephone numbers below.
Childcare Co-ordinator: 020 8869 2198
Human Resources Department: 020 8869 2165
IT Support Services (Helpdesk): 020 8869 2260
Occupational Health: 020 8869 2580
Pensions Officer: 020 8869 2197
Learning Education & Development: 020 8869 2183